A Collection of Treasures Once Lost

This book is a collection of 190 angelic affirmation-style messages and 32 short meditations intended for use as a self-empowerment tool. “The Angels Remind Me” provides a simple method for connecting with the angels, serving as reminders for what you already know but may have forgotten. This is a great book for helping to reduce stress and increase self-esteem.

Available in paperback from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Balboa Press


Discovering Angels

How to Invite Angels into Your Life for Peace,

Tranquility, and Personal Change

Learning to recognize when the angels are near are is just the beginning. This book provides a wealth of information and exercises for discovering your 2 primary guardian angels, how to interpret what you receive, a process for creating change with the Nature Angels and the Zodiac Angels. Plus much more!

Available in paperback & ebook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Balboa Press

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