Frequently Asked Questions about the Angels

Q. What is an Angel?

The word angel refers to the collective group of light-energy beings that hold a higher vibrational frequency than our 5 senses are typically able to interpret. Angels are Divine Beings of Light.

Angels are non-denominational and are our messengers, protectors, healers, and friends.

Angels love everyone unconditionally.

Angels see and focus on our divinity, not on our faults or shortcomings.

Angels can be in all places at one time.

Angels want to help in all areas of our lives and no request is too small or too large.

Q. Is there an angel hierarchy?

Yes. These Celestial Beings of Pure Love and Light are here to help us in all ways that are needed, but there is a hierarchy. Angels are grouped into 9 Choirs. Within those 9 Choirs are 3 Orders. The order of hierarchy does not mean that any one angel group is less important than another. All serve a purpose and have specialties, even within their Order or Choir.

The 1st Order: Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones

These Angels are vibrationally closest to God.

Seraphim – hold the highest vibration of pure light energy

Cherubim – hold the 2nd highest vibration of pure love energy

Thrones – bridge the material and spiritual worlds

The 2nd Order: Dominions, Virtues, Powers

These Angels are the Princes and Leaders of the Heavenly Kingdom.

Dominions –overseers and managers of the Angels

Virtues – govern the physical universe, watching over the Sun, Moon, Stars and all planets

Powers -considered “peaceful warriors” who help to purify the Universe

The 3rd Order: Principalities, Archangels, Angels

These are the ministering Angels.

Principalities – watch over our planet

Archangels – watch over mankind and are guardian of the Angels

Angels – oversee all life forms, human, plant, mineral, etc.

Q. How do I know when the angels are near?

The angels are always sending signs to let us know they’re near. They are quite persistent in their effort to get us to notice them. Although the angels send signs that each individual is most likely able to recognize, some of the typical signs the angels place in our path include:

Finding feathers or coins on the ground

Smelling a pleasant fragrance when there’s no breeze to bring it to you

Hearing repetitive words or songs that have meaning at that moment

Seeing rainbows

Seeing cloud formations in the shape of angelic beings

Having an inspiration seemingly out of nowhere

Seeing a cardinal especially when a loved on has passed

Q. Do I have a guardian angel?

Everyone has a guardian angel! Our guardian angels are the ones who watch over us and are most persistent in trying to get our attention. They are the ones who send us the most signs – pennies, feathers, repetition of numbers, sounds, song lyrics…etc,. They are the ones who first come to our side when we call to the angels, whether or not we know to call them by name. Guardian angels are our “angel managers,” those who oversee other angels whose specialty happens to be taking care of the problem we are currently requesting help with.

Q. Who is my Guardian Angel?

Everyone has a primary guardian angel who is with you since the day you were born. This is your Birth Guardian and is the angel who governs the day of the week you were born.

If you were born on a:

Monday your guardian is Gabriel

Tuesday your guardian is Camael

Wednesday your guardian is Michael

Thursday your guardian is Zadkiel

Friday your guardian is Haniel

Saturday your guardian is Cassiel

Sunday your guardian is Raphael

Q. Will the angels help me even if I don’t ask for their help?

With the exception of Archangel Michael, who is the angel of strength and protection, the angels need our permission to help us because they will not interfere with our free will.

Q. Is there a right or wrong way to call to the angels?

No, there is no right or wrong way to call to the angels. The important thing is to just call to them. You may invoke a specific angel if you know their name or you may just call to the angels in general. Your primary guardian, whether you know who that is or not, will make sure the right angel(s) are there for you for your specific need.

Q. What’s the best way to ask the angels for help?

As mentioned above, there is no wrong way to ask the angels for help. You may simply:

Say it – call to the angels and ask out loud, for guidance regarding your concern.

Think it – call to the angels silently through your thoughts asking for their help.

Write it – write down your angels name and then your concern.

Visualize it – imagine the angels are with you, and “see” yourself stating your problem, asking for help.

Affirm it – affirm your situation solved by thanking the angels for their help, either out loud or silently (don’t worry about “how” it was solved – just affirm).

Q. How do I invoke the angels for a specific reason?

You can simply call to the angels by asking them to be with you and stating what you need help with. Or, you may create for yourself a personalized protocol for invoking the angels which is unique to you. Here is an example of a basic invocation.

  • Sit in a comfortable position with your hands resting, palms up, on your thighs.
  • Take three slow deep breaths, releasing any tension you may feel as you exhale.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breath inhale relaxation and exhale tension.
  • Clear your mind by letting go of all thoughts (like you do before going to sleep at night).
  • Continue to breathe normally and when ready say the name of your angel three times and ask that the angel be with you now (or if you don’t know which angel to call, say the word “angels” three times and ask for them to be with you).
  • State what you need help with.
  • Next be still and notice any thoughts that come to your mind, any sensations you might feel, any colors, shapes, numbers, or pictures you might see through your mind‘s eye or any sounds you might hear with your “inner ears.”
  • When you’re done, make sure to thank your angel. Angels love to know you appreciate their guidance.

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